Using Dropbox to sync your documents

October 25th, 2010 at 10:33 PM  1 Comment

I have always wished I could come up with a better way to migrate documents from one machine to the another as well as accessing my work and personal documents from any machine easily.  I finally got fed up when I started going through my backup drive.  I found multiple revisions of my documents in different folders from many PC migrations.  I couldn’t find anything if my life depended on it.

Off I went on a search for a tool to keep me in sync.  I have had a Dropbox account for a long time but never really used it.  Decided to download the software to see how seamless I could make the setup.  I was very surprised how easy it was to get setup and moving.  Now whenever I migrate to a new desktop or laptop I don’t need to worry about copying my documents.  Whenever I need a different revision of a document it is at my finger tips.  Whenever I need to access a document at a public machine I can do it.

I don’t know how I got along for so long without it.  If you haven’t started to use Dropbox I would suggest you head over to and download the utility. There are clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. You will be kicking yourself that it took you this long… I know I did.

Microsoft CES keynote fails to excite

January 7th, 2010 at 8:28 AM  No Comments

If you couldn’t get a chance to watch the Microsoft CES pre-show keynote last night, you didn’t miss much. If you were actually at the event, I feel sorry for you, it must have been hard to stay awake.

After starting late due to power issues (which fried one of the Microsoft demo units on stage) the keynote got off to a rather boring start with Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, giving various statistics about how well recently released products like Windows 7 and Bing are doing. For the first half hour, the audio stream for the webcast was so bad, it kept cutting out and then required constant volume adjustment. Note to Microsoft, hire a decent sound engineer next time.

If you’d like to watch the keynote for yourself, you can see the saved version on the Microsoft website.

It was all pretty much downhill from there. The much discussed “Courier” tablet that many in the tech press was excited they would announce never came, and there were no details about Windows Mobile 7… at all. Only “we’ll have more about mobile at Mobile World Congress.” So overall, the keynote failed to deliver much of anything that we didn’t know or have not seen already. But, here is a breakdown of what was covered, after the break.