Just what the heck is Apple building in North Carolina?

October 27th, 2010 at 3:39 PM  1 Comment

Yesterday and earlier today we talked about the construction going on near Apple’s massive 500,000 square foot datacenter, and what seems to be their plans to build an identically massive datacenter in the same 183 acre parcel of land. As it turns out, the fun may not stop there. Digital Daily has uncovered information from the Catawba County Geospatial Information Services, which indicates Apple also owns an slightly smaller yet also large (70 acre) parcel of land just across the street.

While this space could be used for anything from an office complex, to what Digital Daily jokes as “using it to build some Jobsian theme park” it could also be used to build a third datacenter full of shiny new XServes.

Apple better have some grand plan for their new cloud that is equally as impressive as the real estate and facilities they’ve been collecting. It is a bit concerning though that they seem to be focusing all their money and energy into the hills of Maiden, North Carolina. While it’s totally possible Apple has purchased equally huge tracts of land in other corners of the country (or globe) under the radar of the press, as it stands right now they’re putting all their data into one very large set of baskets in Tar Heel Country.