‘MeeGo Home’ – Nokia employees stage walkout in protest of Microsoft quasi-takeover

February 11th, 2011 at 1:08 PM  2 Comments

Not everyone was happy with the news that Windows Phone 7 would soon become the platform of choice for Nokia. Among those upset were the thousands of Nokia employees who staged a walkout in protest of their new Redmond-based masters.

According to, the employees didn’t actually quit, but took the rest of the day off, en mass.

“Quite a few people used the flexible working time,” said Kalle wedge , Nokia’s senior staff in the shop steward in Tampere.

But they might as well. Nokia is expected to begin slashing jobs for programmers who no longer will be needed to maintain the Symbian platform, or the reduced focus on their MeeGo code.

Only those who used their flex time to go out and find the nearest copy of Silverlight for Dummies may be spared, as Nokia will now refocus towards application programming and development for that platform.

Protip: Nokia employees who walked out today, should being updating their resumes.