US Cyber Command now ‘fully operational’

November 5th, 2010 at 8:46 AM  No Comments

Word from the Department of Defense has it that the new Cyber Command has “achieved full operational capability” … if you think that sounds like Grand Moff Tarkin said right before destroying Alderaan you’re not alone.

Fortunately the purpose of this new command is a bit less ominous than the Death Star. As General Keith Alexander, chief of Cyber Command and head of the National Security Agency put it:

“Cyberspace is essential to our way of life and US Cyber Command synchronizes our efforts in the defense of DoD networks.”

Currently the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines all have cyber forces, which will all be unified under the new joint command. The Air Force has the largest cyber force, with an entire wing dedicated to it. The Cyber Command is responsible for protecting (and attacking) anything in the .mil world while the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for the protection (and probably less attacking) of the .gov world.

via The Register