Official OneNote app comes to the iPhone

January 20th, 2011 at 10:06 PM  No Comments

Microsoft has finally brought an official Office application (at least one of them) to the iPhone platform.   The OneNote app allows users on an Apple mobile device to modify and create OneNote files from their iOS device and sync them through SkyDrive.  Is this a sign of new applications to come out of Redmond to try and help combat users leaving Bill Gates’ cash cow called Office?  If so, I believe it is a smart move.  Choice and flexibility may help the fight against competitors from juggernauts Sun and Google.  Currently Microsoft is giving the way the app but leaves the door open for a future profit stream by stating the application is “free for a limited time.”

Android users are currently left in the dark forced to use third party apps like MobileNoter to get their OneNote on.