Flaw in iOS allows lock code bypass

October 26th, 2010 at 10:30 AM  No Comments

If the fact that the iPhone and other iOS devices are jailbroken by basically exploiting security flaws in Apple’s programming wasn’t enough to highlight Apple’s lack of security prowess, a Brazilian iPhone hacker by the name of Salomão Filho has found a new and much simpler flaw. This one is in, and it allows anyone to bypass the security lock code on an iPhone to access the phone functions, thus allowing them to make calls and access contact information and voicemail.

And it can be done by just about anyone with thumbs, via Neowin:

To bypass any lock screen simply hit “emergency call”, then enter three pound signs, hit the green call button and immediately press the lock button and you will have bypassed the security feature on the iPhone.

According to Tipb this exploit has already been fixed in iOS 4.2 betas. It’s unknown if Apple will release a pre-4.2 update to correct this issue. For now the only known workaround is not to lose your phone. Good luck!

Thanks to @hasanahmad for the heads up.