Tech Field Day starts on Wednesday!

November 9th, 2010 at 12:32 AM  2 Comments


It is going to be a crazy couple of days as myself and 10 other bloggers converge on San Jose for the 4th Tech Field Day presented by Gestalt IT.  Over the two days We will be hearing from 7 sponsors, from storage providers to chipset giants and enterprise monitoring leaders.

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This will be the first event that will be streamed live from Gestalt IT, the events organizer.  I am expecting two action packed days full of tweeting, blogging and good discussion.  If you have any questions you want asked to the sponsors post your questions in the comments or message me on Twitter.

Disclaimer:  Tech Field Day is organized by the great folks at Gestalt IT and paid for by the presenters of the event.  Even though my travel, meals and hotel accommodations were paid for my opinions are my own and it will not affect my posts.