Google One Pass to offer unified payment system for online publishers

February 16th, 2011 at 3:05 PM  No Comments


Yesterday Apple dropped a bombshell on the tech world when it announced it was going to be strong arming publishers and subscription based content providers by demanding 30% off the top of any transaction done in iOS.

Google must have been listening to the backlash, and today announced their own payment platform for publishers called Google One Pass. However, until Apple, it will only take 10% off by handling the transaction and promises that the platform will be “open and flexible” … something Apple isn’t exactly known for.

Also, unlike Apple, this payment system will not only work in regular apps, but on mobile or web based transactions. However if Apple’s recent developer terms are not changed,  don’t expect to see this platform on anything except Android.

The platform is based on the already mature Google Checkout system.