Review: Coveroo custom cover service impresses

October 26th, 2010 at 10:00 AM  2 Comments

I go back and forth when it comes to phone cases. On one hand, I want to protect my investment from damage but on the other hand, sometimes they break the aesthetics of a device like the iPhone. With my iPhone 3G, over the course of two years it had two different cases that I used, each for about six months. However with the iPhone 4, due to the much advertised death grip, a “bumper” or full third party case seems to be as much a necessity as a fire extinguisher in a Ford Pinto.

Because of this need, there is an endless possibility of options for cases. But one company aims to give you a case that’s a little more personalized. Coveroo.

Their service allows you to select your device, they had almost everything I could think to look for, and then either select a new case OR they’ll put the design on the back of the device via a replacement battery cover. You can also ship them your iPod, Nintendo DS, or even your laptop and they’ll apply their process directly to the device. After you select your device, you can select from one of their thousands of designs to apply to the case. If you don’t like what they have to offer, or you want to get creative, you can also submit your own custom design for them to apply.

Coveroo offers two styles of logo application: colorized logo application which they claim will not fade, peel or scratch off the case OR laser engraving.

For my review unit, which Coveroo provided to me at no cost, they let me run the entire experience as if I was a normal customer. I opted to do the laser engraving of a custom logo, and can say that I am absolutely 100% pleased with the results. So much so I’m going to buy a Coveroo for my wife this week. The logo I selected was purposefully complex, but it was also one I had easily available for me to test with.

I had originally selected a different brand of case, but the folks at Coveroo after reviewing my order contacted me and let me know they’d not had great success in the past with that particular style and the the engraving and suggested either changing the case or switching to their colorized logo instead. I was very happy to see they took pride in their finished product enough to not send me something they knew I wouldn’t be pleased with.

In the end, I was very happy with the custom application. They delivered the order very promptly and it was exactly as I’d expected. I’ve been using this case daily for almost two months now and the engraving has held up, and the case itself looks exactly like it did when I got it.