LimeWire ordered to shutdown operations

October 26th, 2010 at 5:59 PM  3 Comments

Easing the minds of network and content providers around the world, the U.S District Court in New York has issued a order for LimeWire to immediately cease operations, granting a request by the Recording Industry Artists of America (RIAA).

Users of the LimeWire client software will immediately be notified within the client that it will no longer function.

Network administrators everywhere breathed a sigh of relief, but their packet shapers can only relax for about three days, as their less technically savvy users are now trying to figure out how to use BitTorrent.

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  • Who uses LimeWire nowadays anyway?

    • I know most technical people moved to BitTorrent a long time ago, but Limewire is a lot more popular with less technical users than I realized a few years ago. It’s much easier to search and find content then it is to go poking around Pirate Bay to find torrent files, etc.

      I know when I worked as a network administrator for the university, 90% of the DMCA notices we’d get were from Limewire/Gnutella clients. I pulled it off more virus infested machines then I care to count.

      • Absolutely. When I was working on home users machines I would say 80% of the users who brought their machine to me that had virus problems had Limewire installed. I am lobbying to blacklist it from our home workers machines, now it looks like I won’t need to.