HP ProLiant G6 Q&A

October 14th, 2009 at 1:53 PM  4 Comments

HP_logoEarlier this week I had the opportunity to join in on a discussion with Greg Huff, HP’s Chief Technologist for HP’s ProLiant servers team, as a followup to the HP ProLiant Tech Day and Web Jam event that we attended back in March. While the discussion was focused on some of the material that we had gone over back in March, a few points were raised that I wasn’t aware of. Points that, in my opinion, HP should be putting a little more emphasis on in their marketing and advertising. Primarily, the amount of HP’s intellectual property that makes its way into technologies that most probably aren’t aware of.

For example, we discussed some of the intellectual property (IP) that HP has had a hand in developing, and has licensed to manufacturers to be included in their products. As an example we discussed a series of network adapters made by a variety of hardware vendors that include some HP IP in their design. These adapters are sold in systems from just about every vendor, and are fully functional network adapters that have the same basic performance specs across the board. However, because HP participated in the development of the technology, there are some functions that are only available if that technology is in an HP product. So you take two different servers, one from HP and the other from another vendor, and both have the exact same NIC in them. The core functionality of the network interface is exactly the same on both systems, but the HP system could have capabilities that don’t show up at all on the other vendor’s system. Abilities such as being able to eliminate extraneous cabling by controlling data flow at the core level of the NIC itself. I asked Gregg about  other examples of these core hardware differences, and while some of the details are out there in individual white papers, there isn’t a list that points out the differences across the hardware spectrum.

As a follow-up to this discussion, HP has presented us with an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with their ProLiant G6 folks, and we would like to get some participation from you, our readers. So if there’s anything that you’ve ever wanted to know about the HP ProLiant G6 line, or any suggestions or concerns that you feel should be addressed, please feel free to submit them here. HP will collect your submissions and they could make it into an upcoming interview and blog series that HP plans to kick off soon.